Our Services Includes:

MOSYS Network Solutions

MOSYS Network Solutions works with you to improve data accuracy through solid, proven data management techniques. We bring to your company our knowledge of database administration, gained by working with companies similar to yours across multiple industries. We help you evaluate the accuracy and integrity of the data in your enterprise wide database systems. Additionally, we develop strategic plans, policies, procedures, and other related documents to assist with data management.

We then use data warehousing processes to bring your company's operational, historical and external data into a central repository. Once data is warehoused, we help your company mine the data by analyzing patterns, relationships, trends and customer behavior. Using data mining, your company can improve business forecasting, provide better customer service, create customer loyalty, and discover which customers are most profitable so that marketing campaigns can be better focused..

MOSYS Database Solutions

MOSYS Database Solutions works with you to ensure the availability and security of your database systems. Our consultants analyze and assess your data restoration requirements, then generate strategic plans, policies, procedures and other related documents.

After reviewing your database systems infrastructure, data structures, and backup procedures, we identify potential weaknesses and recommend how to best address these issues proactively.

The end result is that we help you create and implement a cohesive, corporate-wide database support plan.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

MOSYS BPO Solution is designed to provide functional support for your technology-intensive business processes that enable your organization to focus on the areas that immediately impact your bottom line. We create value by providing you with the operational experience, as well as tools and the industry-specific expertise to continually improve on business practices. It is this lifecycle of continuous analysis and improvement that allows you to recoup the cost of the investment multiple times over.

MOSYS Desktop Solutions

MOSYS Desktop Solutions team works with you to plan for and minimize the impact of issues that arise during migration or rollout. We have worked with numerous companies through many migrations and rollouts. We capture the knowledge of our lessons learned and apply it to meet your specific technology needs.

We also identify trends and work at the forefront of technology, constantly building relationships with industry-leading vendors to provide single source solutions to all your technology requirements, both current and future. This eliminates your headache of dealing with multiple vendors on your own.

MOSYS eLearning Solutions

MOSYS eLearning team is committed to deliver solutions tailored to your unique learning needs; solutions that are designed to be engaging while providing user-centric learning experiences.

We are also experienced in the training domain and our speciality in Instructional Design and Interactive Multimedia Content Development, we have developed learning content comprising Web based training (WBT), Computer based training (CBT), and Instructor Led training (ILT) courses.



Company Profile

MOsys solution provides business consulting, systems integration and managed services to Global 2000 companies, medium-sized businesses, and government organizations. MOsys Professionals leverage extensive industry and technology domain experience and flexible tools and methodologies to successfully deliver on time and on budget.



Our vision is to be the world's most influential and respected business advisor and systems integrator. Achieving it will require the highest levels of passion, performance and professionalism. The higher we set our sights and standards, the better we serve the people we care most about.



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